Monday, March 28, 2011

too cool to care

The two hip girl bartenders at the brew pub in Eukia hadn’t heard about the nuclear plants melting down in Japan. They shrugged when we told them. Why should they pay attention to something like that? We can’t do anything about it anyway, they said.


Sara Backer said...

Also: what happens "there" could happen here. If one of our nuclear plants on the San Andreas fault line in California began to melt down after an earthquake, wouldn't we want all the help we could get?

Rachel Neil said...

Speaking of cancer, I have a blog only related to cancers and treatments.

BRug said...

I do kind of get where they're coming from ... but more in regards to the tsunami and various other natural events. More focus needs to be on issues we can tackle in the here and now.

In regards to the nuclear situation. This is a great opportunity to push the nuclear lobby to make their technology safer.

And even in regards to natural events... we need to look at them under the scope of climate change. In the not so distant future we're going to experience more powerful and destructive natural events if we don't do something about it.

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