Sunday, February 06, 2011

white devil

Reading Amiri Baraka for my poetry class. A poem written after the murder of Malcolm X: Poem for Black Hearts.

For all of him, and all of yourself, look up,
black man, quit stuttering and shuffling, look up
black man

I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X when I was a high school student in Beardstown, Illinois. I was at the county fair a while later with my friend Sue Hye. A couple black guys from Chicago were flirting with us. I asked mine what he thought he was doing. Didn’t he know that I was the white devil? He looked at me confusedly and then turned to his friend, “Yo! Raymond, come hear this white girl talk.”

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Sara Backer said...

Malcolm X can be hard for "white devils" to read, but he was absolutely right when he said people with excessive power and privilege never--NEVER--give it up voluntarily or peacefully.